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Offering 100% Indian Human Hair, Remy Hair, Non Remy Hair, curly human Hair, Single Drawn Hair, Double Drawn Hair, Bulk Hair, etc. to make you beautiful.

About Us

About Us

With over 20 years of experience, Esli Enterprises is become a trusted source for buying a premium range of Indian Human Hair, Curly Human Hair, Deep Wave Hair, etc. All these beautiful virgin Indian hair are collected from Indian temples where people perform tonsure process as a traditional practice. After this, the collected hair is brought to our factory for further cleaning, processing, shampooing, conditioning and other procedures. When all these processes are completed than the senior quality experts carefully sort the hair according to texture, color and length. Our production cell consists of two hundred male & female workers who sort, wash, dry & bundle the hair manually in an efficient manner.

Our company offers a huge variety of Weft Extensions and other allied products that comes under different grades based on the aspects of processing and length sorting through which the virgin hair has underwent. The customers can buy our products in different grades and types such as machine weft, frontals, closures, wigs and tips.

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Our company offers a huge variety of Weft Extensions and other allied products

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There is a saying that- When you like to do something you never know how beautifully the time passes by.

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Everything get changed over the passing time. If a company remains same, it fails to grow. For any firm that seeks to succeed

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We are an entity which mainly focuses on satisfying its clients. And, to earn customer's satisfaction we are required