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What is Remy hair?
In Remy hair, the strands are kept intact following the natural growth pattern i.e. all the strands are in one direction from root to tip. It is the highest-grade of human hair available and comes predominantly from one individual.

What is Single Drawn hair?
In Single Drawn, the hair tip is maintained with its natural taper intact with the head leveled on one side. For e.g. if you buy 16" -19" hair, the bundle will have most hair strands ranging from 16" to 19" long with no hair less than 5" short.

What is Double Drawn hair?
Every hair piece contains only hair of the same length. The process is done by hand and no machine is involved.

What do the terms "bulk" and "weft" mean?
Bulk hair is loose hair which is made into bundles. It is the base product from which other hair products are made.

Wefting is the process of sewing the hair strands across in one straight line. It is used for making extensions.

What is the difference between machine weft and hand tied weft?
Hand tied wefts are made by tying strands of hair around a strong weaving thread; this process is done by hand. Machine wefts are made by sewing strands of` hair together with a hair sewing machine. Machine weft could be double machine weft or single machine weft, sometimes called thin weft or light weft.

What is the best way to cut a weft?
Hand weft is made to specific lengths as per client requirement. Cutting should be avoided as it will lead to shedding. Machine weft can be cut but it has to be glued again at the edges to make it strong. Consult a professional to help you with the task.

How wide is the weft?
The width of the weft depends on the length of the hair, the longer the length, shorter the width.